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Narrow Gauge Root Imager

A New Minirhizotron System Compatible with 2-inch Diameter Tubes!

Observing a root system throughout a plant’s life cycle is key to understanding overall plant behavior and health, and to improving crop performance. 

The CI-602 Narrow Gauge Root Imager is a minirhizotron system that captures non-destructive, high-resolution, digital images of living roots in soil over multiple growing seasons. Compatible with root tubes measuring two inches in diameter, the CI-602 gives users the ability to work within new and existing tube installations.

The CI-602 is a durable and lightweight minirhizotron that is easy to transport to any field location and can be used in sites with root tubes across a range of treatments or conditions. Our free root analysis software, RootSnap!, quickly and easily calculates parameters including root length, area, volume, diameter & branching angle.


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Image Size: 21.59cm × 18 cm (8.5" × 7.1")

Scan Speed: ~30 seconds (depending on selected resolution)

Image Resolution: Up to 1200 DPI

Interface: USB Cable

Scan Head Dimensions:  35.9 cm long ×  4.6cm diameter (14.125” x 1.8")

Control Box Dimensions: 18 cm × 7.5 cm × 5 cm (7.125” × 3” × 2”)

Total Dimensions: 1950g or 4.3lbs

* Scan speeds for handheld tablet included with scanner. Scan speeds vary with device used to operate scanner.

Root Tube Dimensions

Inner Diameter: 5 cm (2")

Outer Diameter: 5.7 cm (2.25")

Wall Thickness: 3.2 mm (.125")

Standard Length: 105 cm (41.3")

How To

For information about how to use the CI-602 Narrow Gauge Root Imager,
read our How It Works guide.

In the Box


  • CI-602 Narrow Gauge Root Scanner
  • 15’ conductor cable
  • Six 105cm clear tubes with water tight end caps
  • Indexing handle
  • Calibration tube
  • Operation Manual
  • Tablet computer preloaded with scanning software and RootSnap! Imaging analysis software
  • Durable hard shell instrument case