New Year, New Research!

Posted by: Chelsea Gaya
Jan. 31, 2018

New Year, New Research! 


This month's featured researcher posted about his research on Facebook and tagged CID Bio-Science!  If you post about your own work, please feel free to tag CID Bio-Science and they will be happy to share!

Alexandre Caique Costa e Silva 
– Designer em Permaculture, researcher laboratory of soil, water and vegetal tissues in Instituto Federal do Ceará e agroecologist.
CURRENT RESEARCH: Watermelon root development under effect of forms of phosphate fertilization and organomineral liquid fertilizer in a calcareous soil at Limoeiro do Norte, CE, Brazil

To develop research with the guidance of Dr. Natanael Santiago Pereira evaluating a nutrient dynamic without soil-plant system. During the course of his work, he developed new methodologies for the installation of acrylic tunbes for the CI-600 Root Imager, as well as new methodologies for the evaluation of the amount of fibers and roots, through binarization and liminalization of the images obtained with the scanner. It also determined the volume, surface area and length by fiber and root diameter classes, by analyzing the fiber-root mean root diameter of the image obtained with the scanner using image editing software and software from Embrapa (Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation) Called the Safira, for the analysis of root images.


CID Bio-Science is always impressed of the passion and pursuit that comes from their instrumental users!
If you used CID Bio-Science instruments in your research, we want to hear about it! If you have photos, that's even better! 
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