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  • CID Bio-Science Announces Retention of Russian Distributor

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASECAMAS, WAAUGUST 17, 2018 Leading US research tools innovator CID Bio-Science is to strengthen its global reach with the key retention of SpezLabProekt, a major supplier of bio-analytical research instruments to the Russian market - CID Bio-Science is highly regarded in the ...

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  • Climate and Competition: Gas Exchange in Two Studies of Wild Species

    Climate change studies are focusing on the possible effects of higher temperature on vapor pressure, soil water availability, and light quality on plants. In native species adapted to milder climates, altered patterns of evapotranspiration could lead to increased stomatal closure and decreased photosynthesis. On the other hand, weed species that ...

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  • [WEBINAR RECORDING] AppBuilder - The Next Generation of NIR Data Analysis & Model Building

    [RECORDING NOW AVAILABLE] Taking a huge step forward with the addition of artificial neural networking (ANN) and enabling easier, more tailored data collection via a customizable user interface, the newly released AppBuilder offers advanced features, enabling users to build better, more robust models in less time.Join us Thursday May ...

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  • Light Interception and Nitrogen Fertilization to Increase Maize Yeild

    The yield response of maize to excessive fertilizers has plateaued and with it the economic returns. To avoid further resource waste in smart farming, crop scientists are trying to correlate yield to how plants intercept light and allocate dry matter to grains. In two studies, a plant canopy imager measured ...

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  • Adaptive Strategies - Leaf Area and Physiological Plasticity in Drought

    It is becoming increasingly important for ecologists and agronomists to understand how plants adapt to drought. Natural adaptations, which help a plant withstand changing climate, are now not just of theoretical interest but are also relevant for maintaining and improving agricultural production and ecosystem conservation. Leaf area can be an ...

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  • Hemispherical Photography for Silviculture and Forest Inventory

    Canopy parameters are measured during forest inventories and to make silviculture recommendations. Despite the rise of satellite imagery and aerial photos, field estimation of trees and stands remain popular. Recently improved field-based methods, like hemispherical photography, can be powerful additions to the forester’s toolkit. So, how is hemispherical photography helpful ...

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