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NIR Vs. Penetrometer to Judge Produce Quality

Posted by: Scott Trimble
Oct. 8, 2019

Dry Matter Assessment or Firmness? Though firmness has been popularly used to assess the quality of fruit, fruit dry matter is now increasingly being used instead. It is necessary to understand both traits to find the reason behind this shift ...

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The Latest Advances in Photosynthesis Measurement

Posted by: Scott Trimble
Sept. 27, 2019

Photosynthesis Update 2019 Photosynthesis is undoubtedly one of the most important physiological processes on Earth. It is the process by which plants, algae, and bacteria produce food. Photosynthesis makes these organisms the primary producers of the earth, as all other ...

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Leaf Spectroscopy

Posted by: Scott Trimble
Sept. 21, 2019

The Vast Applications for Spectroscopy in Plant Research Spectroscopy is a precise and non-destructive technique that can tell us about several processes going on in plants and trees. After being integrated into small handheld devices, it can provide instant and ...

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Intro to Precision Forestry

Posted by: Scott Trimble
Sept. 5, 2019

Precision Forestry Improves Goods & Services Never before has the interest in preserving natural forests and efficient management of plantations been as great as the present. Demand for wood products is increasing. On the other hand, it is also evident ...

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The Forest Canopy: Structure, Roles & Measurement

Posted by: Scott Trimble
June 27, 2019

The Importance of Forest Canopy Structure If you are looking for a classic example of the circle of life, consider the forest canopy structure. A forest’s canopy structure is influenced by environmental and soil factors, and it also influences these ...

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