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Adapting Production to Drought

Posted by: Scott Trimble
Jan. 21, 2020

Many parts of the world face water shortage and drought. As a result, farms and orchards are losing their capacity to produce food. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), drought cost the world 29 billion USD in 2018; ...

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Upcoming Webinar: Made in the Shade- How 11 Research Studies Cleverly Use Canopy Analysis to Measure Crop & Forest Health

Posted by: Scott Trimble
Jan. 20, 2020

Special guest researchers Brendon Anthony of Colorado State University and Derek Godwin of Oregon State University, along with our application scientists Eric Munoz-Garcia and Galen George review 11 studies that have used canopy analysis for everything from typhoon effects to ...

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Aiming to Optimize Irrigation Levels

Posted by: Scott Trimble
Jan. 15, 2020

With irrigation being used in many spheres of life and food production methods getting diversified, it is not surprising that research on this topic is getting more specialized. Procedures for analysis, which were restricted earlier to big institutions, need to ...

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Digging Deep for New Irrigation Methods

Posted by: Scott Trimble
Jan. 13, 2020

Irrigation is essential to increase food production. However, competing needs and increasing drought makes water for irrigation scarce. Therefore, new methods and strategies are continuously being tested by scientists to improve food production, accompanied by better water use efficiency. This ...

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Advances in Phytoremediation

Posted by: Scott Trimble
Jan. 7, 2020

Phytoremediation has many proponents to treat widespread chemical contaminants in soil, water, and air. It is low-cost, eco-friendly, and doesn’t require complicated technology and infrastructure. As it is a new branch of science, it is necessary to understand the processes ...

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