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Improving Photosynthetic Efficiency Research

Posted by: Scott Trimble
Dec. 18, 2020

Maximizing photosynthesis is key to increasing food yield and remains one of the top priorities in both the breeding and plant science world. Measuring photosynthesis in crops in field conditions is necessary, and it is, indeed, the ideal way to ...

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Estimating the Role of Ectomycorrhiza

Posted by: Scott Trimble
Dec. 5, 2020

The symbiosis between the roots of plants and fungus is considered to be widespread and one of the oldest mutualistic associations. One such association is ectomycorrhiza, which is common among tree species. Their role in the growth, health, and productivity ...

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Roots, Shoots, and Photosynthesis: Measuring Tree Sapling Response to Drought

Posted by: Scott Trimble
Nov. 27, 2020

Drier and longer summers are taking a toll on trees in temperate regions acclimatized to more rainfall. Therefore, in an attempt to suggest efficient propagation and maintenance practices to match new climate patterns, scientists are studying how various species deal ...

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Optimizing Micronutrients in Rice and Citrus using Photosynthetic Measurement

Posted by: Scott Trimble
Nov. 20, 2020

Several micronutrients are involved in the metabolic activities of plants, and their deficiency can affect both crop health and yield. The elements that are connected with the photosynthesis system have a substantial bearing on the biomass plants can produce. Their ...

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Pulses and Effective Drought Response

Posted by: Scott Trimble
Nov. 12, 2020

Pulses are an important source of protein and vital for global nutritional security. Irregular and reduced rainfall, along with temperature rises due to climate change, are making food production more challenging. Since 80% of crops are rainfed, it is imperative ...

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